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Under purple skies is a compilation of short stories from an imaginary world. Though the intended age group is 6–12-year old’s the book is great for everybody. The characters in the book are loveable and the stories fun and thought-provoking. Each of the nine stories can be read on its own in under 10 minutes. After reading or hearing any of them there will be plenty to talk about, but it will also leave you with a feeling that, hopefully, lands deep in your heart. The feelings and thoughts circle around things such as: there is more to this world than we see, you are here for a reason, even if you are small you are important, you are valuable, and somewhere there is a God who sees you and loves you no matter what happens or where you go in life. If you have young people around you that you wish to give a greater faith in that life, at it’s core, is good, then this book is for you.

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